beef trim lines

Just a .7% Reduction in Trim Loss Could Increase Annual Revenue an Estimated $1,080,000 Per Plant.​

.7% Reduction In Trim Loss Is Approximately 1 Lb. Per Head​

Average Plant4,000 Head/Day
Increased Trim Capture4,000 x 1 lb. per Head = 4,000 lbs.​
Daily Gain.90 x 4,000 lbs. = $3,600 per Day​
Yearly Gain$3,600 x 300 = $1,080,000 PER PLANT


Worry-Free Conveyor Belting

Excellent Release Properties​

The compact, crystalline structure of ULTRA-TUFF™ repels materials like fats & Oils which can reduce trim loss, resist formation of biofilm and make belt sanitation, easier. ​

Chemical Resistance

ULTRA-TUFF™ withstands continuous exposure to PAA and most other sanitation and processing chemicals including Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite.​

Impact Resistance​

ULTRA-TUFF™ maintains high impact strength for exceptional performance and operational stability. Unlike “brittle” plastics, If broken, ULTRA-TUFF™ modules do not separate into small pieces.​