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Safari Belting products are proudly produced in the USA! Our headquarters location in Olathe, KS houses injection molding, engineering, quality control, production, customer service, sales, accounting and operations. In order to ensure the stability of our supply chain, redundant part manufacturing capabilities are installed with our manufacturing partner.

The temperatures in the table below represent the “continuous” temperatures under which optimal belt performance is achieved. Note – The temperature range for belts containing rods of a different material will be the highest of the low number between the two materials and the lowest of the high number between the two materials.
Material Fahrenheit min Fahrenheit max Celsius min Celsius max
PP 34 220 1 104
PE -50 150 -46 66
Acetal -50 150 -46 66
Nylon -50 240 -46 116
ULTRA-TUFF™ 34 305 1 151
ULTRA-TUFF XMD™ 34 305 1 151
For more information about your specific application, contact Customer Service.
Belt pitch is a measurement of the width of a single belt module from the center of the rod pin to the center of the next rod pin. Pitch is important aspect of belt selection for applications where product transfer and/or product release is a concern. Sprocket size and back-bend radius are both influenced by belt pitch.
The following Safari Belting materials comply with FDA regulations for direct food contact: PE, PP, POM, PA66, ULT. Download our Letter of Assurance.
Due to the proprietary nature of Cad files, requests must be submitted via email to Please provide the product(s) for which the CAD files are needed, the reason for the request, plus your name, title and contact information.
Let us do the work for you! Simply take a photo of both the top and bottom sides of the belt, and a sprocket, and send it to

Reach out to your local, Safari Belting Sales Rep (use the map on our home page for contact information) or contact our award-winning customer service team by calling 1+ (913) 254-7582 or emailing

To best assist you, we will need to know:

  • Product being conveyed
  • Temperature of operation
  • Belt speed
  • Incline/decline?
  • Sprocket dimensions
  • Special requirements?

Safari Belting recommends the use of a clean-in-place system to achieve the best results. We offer state-of-the-art belt cleaners to fit any budget.  Find additional information by going to the “Products” tab on the home page or Download Belt Cleaning System Brochure and Pricing.

Safari Belting warrants products of its own manufacture for a period of one year from date of shipment to the extent that Safari Belting will repair or replace any products of faulty material or defective workmanship proven under normal use or service. Other terms and conditions may apply. Download the full Safari Belting warranty.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Safari Belting implemented strategies which would allow us to continue manufacturing and customer support, should an outbreak of the illness cause a temporary business interruption. For additional information, Download Safari Belting’s Covid-19 Contingency Plan.

Most product problems can be resolved with an email to technical support, or by calling for support, 888-662-6611. If technical support does not resolve the problem, a return may be the solution. You will need to obtain a valid Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. To initial a return, Download Safari Belting’s Return Policy and Process.

Let us do the work for you! CLICK HERE to complete and submit form.

Belts which appear to “jump” is often caused by sprockets which are not aligned, correctly. If the number of “teeth” on the sprockets is a number which IS NOT divisible by 4 (i.e. 6, 10, etc.) the sprockets must be aligned on the shaft. There is a small hole on each sprocket which must be in the same position on each sprocket. When properly aligned, you can “see” through the hole down the full length of the shaft.

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Click on your location on the map below to reach out to your local Safari Sales Rep.
Safari Belting is located at 220 N Mahaffie, Olathe, KS 66061.
Click on your location on the map below to reach out to your local Safari Sales Rep.
Call (913) 254-7582 for 24/7 customer service.
Safari Belting takes pride in providing ‘emergency” order processing without additional fees. We only ask that you submit a purchase order before noon, central time and agree to next day shipping. We are only able to provide this service, without charging the exorbitant extra fees (charged by our competitors), by trusting that you only use this service for “true” emergencies. This will help to ensure that our production crew will be available when you really need us.

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