Shackle table

Customer Documented Annual Cost Savings $95,000 per Application​


The customer was using a gravity roller design in this application, which presented risks to worker safety from pinch-point hazards and the ergonomics of maneuvering heavy hogs on the Shackle Table.  The competitor’s belt had to be replaced every 2 months and was 37% higher in price than the Safari solution.


Customer replaced competitor’s gravity roller design with Safari’s 2.5” pitch Series 1800 industrial duty belt.


Safari Belting’s solution improved worker safety while showing a consumption reduction cost savings of over $95,000 annually per application.

Plastic Modular Belting

Reduces Costs. Improves Worker Safety.​


Eliminates Safety Hazards

Modular Plastic Belting revolutionized conveyance when it was introduced in the early 1970’s. By replacing gravity rollers and stainless steel ​


Cost Effective​

Modular Plastic Belting is less expensive than most other forms of conveyance. It is lighter weight, easier to maintain, and easier to clean.​