Whole bird incline

Customer Documented Annual Cost Savings $30,000 per Application​


Continuous exposure to PAA and heavy loads was causing competitor’s belt to fail. Full belt replacement was required every 2-3 weeks. Belting was at high risk of contributing to foreign material contamination.​


Customer installed Safari Belting’s Series 225 ULTRA-TUFF™ flat top belt with straight flights.​


Safari Belting ULTRA-TUFF™ belt was installed in November 2019. After 10 months of operation, there have been no broken modules and no performance issues. PROBLEM SOLVED!


Worry-Free Conveyor Belting

Chemical Resistance

ULTRA-TUFF™ withstands continuous exposure to PAA and most other sanitation and processing chemicals including Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite.​

Impact Resistance

ULTRA-TUFF™ maintains high impact strength for exceptional performance and operational stability. Unlike “brittle” plastics, If broken, ULTRA-TUFF™ modules do not separate into small pieces.​

Abrasion Resistance​

ULTRA-TUFF™ withstands abrasion from both friction and wear which more than doubles belt service life.​