Why safari?


Our mission is to manufacture, assemble, sell and deliver the highest quality conveyor belts, on-time, with best-in-class customer service. We work tirelessly to deliver excellence and win in all situations. With the help of our knowledgeable sales force and in-house support team, we provide for the needs of our customers to ensure satisfaction.


Safari Belting products are proudly produced in the USA! Our headquarters location in Olathe, KS houses injection molding, engineering, quality control, production, customer service, sales, accounting and operations. In order to ensure the stability of our supply chain, redundant part manufacturing capabilities are installed with our manufacturing partner.


ULTRA-TUFF™ is an eco-friendly polymer, whose backbone consists only of carbons. It is highly crystalline with a compact, crystal structure, resulting in unsurpassed impact, chemical and abrasion resistance. Safar Belting’s ULTRA-TUFF™ is the only plastic modular belting on the market which can, simultaneously, withstand: High levels of drop-impact; Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals (including PPA); and excessive wear from friction and/or abrasion.

ULTRA-TUFF™ is solving conveyor design and application performance problems, where impact resistance, chemical resistance, coefficient of friction and/or heat resistance cause traditional resins to be less than ideal.

Safari Belting System’s exclusive, high-performance ULTRA-TUFF™ product lines are available in a Metal and X-Ray Detectable (XMD) formulation, which meets or exceeds 1.5 mm ferrous equivalent standard, while maintaining high impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, making It the premier detectable belting on the market. Because ULTRA-TUFF™ is detectable by BOTH metal and x-ray detection equipment, it can be utilized across multiple applications, in numerous locations, making standardization simple.

ULTRA-TUFF™ benefits dramatically lower TCO. Belts will last 2 to 5 times longer than Acetal against abrasion, chemical erosion, and heavy impact. Eliminates broken and eroded modules reduces downtime and maintenance expense while reducing trim loss through its excellent release properties.


Safari Belting puts are customers needs first! Our customers have no need to worry about extra fees when production is down. We are centrally located which allows flexibility to deliver within 1-3 business days. When you are down, rely on Safari Belting to get you up and running!


Safari Belting has several lines that will easily convert an old competitors’ belt to a Safari Belt. With our 3 Types of Conversions, our customers can patch a line without changing the whole line.


Safari Belting is comprised of Sales Reps and in-house support team that is ready to serve our customers. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and excellent problem-solvers to provide for all customer needs.