Superior Roller-Top Solutions … By Design

Changes in the way we work and shop, have accelerated in recent months as people adjust to a world changed by the Covid-19, global pandemic.​

Increasingly, commerce is dependent upon a company’s ability to manage inventory and accurately deliver product from a central warehouse or distribution center. As a result, reliable and innovative package handling systems are critical to success.​

Roller-top conveyor belts are the key to efficient package sorting and handling. Safari Belting’s newly released portfolio of roller-top products elevate the performance and durability of roller-top conveyance for exceptional operational stability and cost savings.​

By increasing the number of rollers per square foot, and securing sturdy, stainless steel roller axles within the geometry of belt modules, Safari Belting resolved critical shortcomings of its competitors’ products.

​Safari Belting’s efficient and reliable roller-top conveyance systems:​

Safari Belting’s line-up of roller-top conveyor belting includes both straight-running and radius options to facilitate a wide range of applications.​

Roller Top - In Action

The SF-500 Belt

Good for a variety of radius tyoes, etc...

Safari Belting’s new Roller-Top Takes on the competition

SF-39003C Transverse Roller -TopIntralox 400 Transverse Roller Top
4” Module
4 Rollers 1.0” x .7” each
2.8” of roller surface
4” Module
2 Rollers .82” x .7” each
1.15” of roller surface
Double, Oversized Rollers eliminate stranded packages from ‘dead space’ on belt. Product weight is evenly distributed for smooth conveyance.Single roller creates potential for uneven product distribution and speed. Pinch pints are created by additional “open area”.
Large Lug sprocket for superior belt/sprocket engagement and increased belt strengthMolded tooth sprocket design limits belt strength and may be inadequate for heavy loading.
Stainless Steel axle pin firmly seated into the belt module eliminates problematic “snap cap” for increased durability and belt life.Rollers are secured in the belt with a “snap cap” which is plagued by frequent breakage and prone to fall out of belt and into product.
Same belt thickness for easy conversion
Belt available in both PP and POM for additional belt strength and reduced friction. Rods available in POM, Nylon AND Stainless Steel.Belt only available in PP material with Nylon rods.
1” Roller Spacing between each group of rollers.2” spacing between rollers.
Headless rod designHeadless rod design

Roller-Top Solution Products